I love Waterfalls

Yesterday, I was able to visit the Lonauer Wasserfall in Herzberg. That Waterfall is not only beautiful, but according to some Signs at the Site, it is also the only natural Waterfall in the western Harz.

Seeing all the Water rushing down into the Gorge at the Lonauer Wasserfall also reminded me about my general Love for Waterfalls though.

The Romkerhaller Wasserfall.

The first Waterfall that comes to my Mind here in the Harz definitely would be the Romkerhaller Wasserfall deep in the Okertal.

That Thing is really high, being the highest Waterfall in the Harz at 64 Meters. It is also kinda small in widths though. Usually, there is not a lot of Water coming down there. It is still a beautiful Waterfall.

Its only downside: It was artificially created in 1863 to promote a Restaurant with a Herberge on the other side of the Road that is now the ‘smallest Kingdom’ in the World Romkerhalle.

At Niagara Falls | April 2014

The biggest Waterfalls that also carried the most Water I have ever seen myself would be the beautiful Niagara Falls between Canada and the United States.

During my Stay in Canada from 2014 to 2015, I have actually been there twice.

While I was there the first Time in April 2014, there were still huge Chunks of Ice in the Water. Back then I quickly realized that the Canadian Horseshoe Falls were my Favourite. The Americans just paled in Comparison.

But because of the Ice, I was unable to take the Boat Toor that runs under the Falls. And so I visited again that September because I just really wanted to have experienced that Experience.

Rock Glen Falls.

Also in Canada, while WWOOFing in southern Ontario, I visited the Rock Glen Falls in Arkona with a Farming Friend. Those were so beautiful, I wish I could go there again one day. And maybe, that will be a possibility in my Future.

Canada really had a huge impact on my Life, but being a Farm Hand on an organic Farm made me who I am today.

Before that, I was way less concerned with Nature and our Environment then I am now. It really was one of those defining Moments in my Life.

The Lonauer Wasserfall.

Visiting the Lonauer Wasserfall yesterday also made me realize something else though: I really have not seen that many real Waterfalls in my Life. If I think about it, I can probably count those on a Hand or two.

Going there made me realize that I definitely want to see more Waterfalls. It does not matter if they are real or manmade, but I would definitely prefer some more Natural.

The only other Waterfall here in the Harz that I know of, when I do not count the Oderfälle at the Oderteich, would be the Radau Fall between Torfhaus and Bad Harzburg. Those are also artificial, but I might just have to give them a Visit.

The Oderfälle from above.

Overall, I really love Waterfall just like I really love rushing Water. They are awesome, and they are just so powerful.

While I really love Finding Teiche, I guess Chasing Waterfalls might just become another Hobby of mine.

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