More Trains

A while ago, I wrote about Trains. I also wrote about my favourite Locomotive, the beautiful BR218 because I had seen one in Hannover, and because it is my favourite kind of Locomotive.

Today, I then came through Hannover again on unrelated Business and had some Time to spare at the Station before I could catch my next Connection. And of Course, another 218 was waiting there, just for me to take some Fotos of.

In the Morning, there had been TWO of my beloved 218s sitting there though, but I was only pulling through then.

A beautiful 218.

While there is only one BR218, there are actually many Kinds of it. They come in all kinds of Colours. Blue looks great as well, and with two different Motorizations.

One Version has a V12, and the other a V16 Engine. You can actually tell the two apart by looking at the Exhaust Manifold: For the 12 Cylinder, both Hoods are parallel. On the 16 Cylinder Engines, there is an offset. Or at least that is what I have been told.

One Thing is for certain though: Those Locomotives sound awesome!

A blue 218 in Hamburg.

Today, I did not only got to see a beautiful 218 though. There was also a low-numbered 401, or an ICE 1. That is my favourite kind of InterCity Express. It just has much more Character, even though the new ICE 4 Trains also do look good.

This Year marks the 30iest Anniversary of ICE Train Service here in Germany. I think that is kinda cool. Sadly, those 30 Years did not go by smoothly all the Time. There were some Major Problems, and even a handful of Accidents, the worst of them happening in Eschede in 1998.

Back then, a Train Set derailed because of a broken Wheel. It consequently crashed into a Bridge and jackknifed. It must have been a horrific sight for those escaping the wreckage and those trying to help out.

That wreck took 101 Lives, and severely injured many more. Some of them who still live with the Consequences. And it happened almost exactly 23 Years ago.

I still enjoy it a lot to ride in those old ICE 1 Sets. They are much more comfortable than the newer Versions.

BR401 003-9 and BR218 824-1

Trains are awesome, and I am glad that I got to see two of my Favourites on my way Home today. That was a nice touch on an awesome Day. Except for the Heat. Stepping out of those nice, climatized Trains always felt like stepping into an Oven on every Stop of my Journey.

I still enjoyed everything I did today. And I am hopeful that it might be a bit cooler tomorrow. The Heat and I just will never become the best of Friends.

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