#ForNature 2021: #GenerationRestoration

So today was World Environment Day once again. This Time around, the Motto is #GenerationRestorarion, and at first I had no Idea what that meant. So I did some digging.

This Years World Environment Day was all about the Restoration of Ecosystems. And I definitely do get the Scope of that.

Near Altenau.

Healthier Ecosystems do mean healthier People, Animals and Plants. But I highly doubt that a mere Decade, as set out by the UN, will really be enough to effect lasting Change. To much has been done wrong in the Past.

Only Time will be able to tell if the Decade on Restoration will be successful, but we can not stop just there. Everyone needs to do their Part for this to achieve anything. And everything worth having takes some Work.

The good Thing is that even a little Change per Person can already help in my Opinion. Something is always better than nothing.

There is Trash in this Foto.

The easiest Way to contribute to healthier Ecosystems is to just treat Nature with the Respect it deserves.

That Means no littering in Forest, that should be a given anyways. Garbage, especially Plastics, do not naturally decay for a very long Time, and Garbage also poses threats to Animals who might inadvertently eat some of it.

It also means no smoking in the Woods. While that is already illegal in Niedersachsen from March to October, few People seem to know, and even fewer seem to care.

Cigarette Butts are full of Poisons, and carelessly discarded Cigarettes can spark huge Fires, even if they seem to be small and meaningless to some.

A Bench is the Woods.

Changing Behaviours is hard, but sometimes it just has to be done. It is true after all: Healthier Ecosystems mean healthier People. They also mean a Future in which Humans can still enjoy Forests and Wetlands.

They mean Balance in an ever changing World. Everyone can do something, and a few Things are even easy to achieve.

Others will do more, and we should all strive to be those People. This World is not ours, we are just lucky enough be be along for the Ride.

Bonus: A Hochsitz.

Links: https://www.worldenvironmentday.global; https://www.decadeonrestoration.org

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