Back in the Woods

I have not been in the Harz for a while. I have also not posted on here for quite some Time. Today than, I finally got to spend some Time in the Woods once again. The only Thing I had to figure out is where I wanted to go.

After some Consideration, and after going to the Gym, I finally decided to just revisit a Place that I already knew: The Nassenwieser Teich.

Deep in the Woods.

At the Teich, I then decided to head right into the Woods instead of actually walking across the Dam like I usually would do. It was just to warm to spend much Time in the Sun.

And if there is one Thing I truly do not like about being Outdoors, it is being Outdoors in the Heat. I am also not the biggest Fans about all the Insects, but they are still better than the Heat.

At least it was a little bit cooler in between all those Trees. That was actually kinda nice.

I love Trees.

Trees really are some of the best Things that exist in those world, just by existing. I absolutely do love them. That is especially true when they are nice and green and full of Life.

Dead Trees on the other Hand really make me sad. Luckily, I did not see any of those today.

Being in the Woods automatically involves being among the Trees, there everything else seems trivial. There, I can just Focus on the now, and that is really awesome.

The Teich.

Of Course, there were also a lot of Birds singing out there, and I also love that a whole lot.

While some just hear a crescendo of Nature, I try to listen to every single Bird. After all, a grand Concert always involves much more than one Instrument. It is the same with Birds.

Today, there were so many different Birds, it truly was a magnificent Concert.

A Car driving by.

Because of the Heat, several other People had also chosen to spend some Time at, and indeed in, the Teich. The Water must have been really nice, but I had not had any Swimming Clothes with me, so I did not try.

All I hope is that those People had a grand old Time, and that they took all their Trash back out of the Woods with them. But knowing the Harz, that probably did not happen.

But the Water really must have been nice.

On the far End of the Teich.

While I had originally planned to walk around the entirety of the Nassenwieser Teich, that would not be possible today. I kinda lost the Path at the far End of the Teich, and the bit that I found was boggy and flooded.

Because of that I then simply turned around and went back the Way I came, even though I usually do not really like doing that.

Today, it was pretty much my only Choice though, aside from getting my Shoes very dirty in that boggy Area.

So much Nature!

I had a jolly old Time right there in the Woods today, and I guess I will be back there tomorrow once I am done with my other Tasks. Well, I probably will not be in the same Spot, but I will probably be back in the Woods.

Being there is one of my favourite Things, after all. And it always will be.

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