Clean your Gear

I very much do love Landscape Photography. But Yesterday, I kinda messed it up a little bit. My Lens was really dirty, and I did not notice that at all until I was back Home editing my haul.

It was actually mostly clean, but there was one giant Smudge that actually completely ruined a handful of Fotos. On others, it is not that noticeable, but it is definitely there. I guess it all depended on how the Light actually came in.

The Smudge.

The Thing is that is that I absolutely hate Smudges. I have no Problems with Grain and or a little Noise in my Fotos. Sometimes even Motion Blur can look awesome, if I want to have it.

But Smudges are awful. It does not matter where they come from, they really do ruin most Fotos for me.

For the most Time when I was in Canada, there was a nasty Smudge in most of the Fotos I took with my Point and Shoot back then. I had to edit it out of every Foto I wanted to use somehow. To bad it was deep in the Lens and I never could clean it off.

It is subtle, but it is there.

The best Way there is to avoid those nasty Smudges is to actually clean your Gear every once in a while. It is even quite easy to do that.

All that is needed is a soft Lens Cloth, or maybe a Lens-Pen, and a Brush to get rid of any dust. There really is not much to it.

While cleaning Lenses really is a no-brainer, cleaning Sensors is not. I have never done that myself, and I probably should have someone do it. My Sensor is probably not the cleanest of them all. Especially since it also got sprayed with Energy Drink.

A beautiful Oldtimer, the Smudge is cropped out.

All I can say is that I should definitely look after my Gear a whole lot better. And maybe I should also use those Lens Caps more, so that I do not leave those Smudges in the first Place.

Photography is still my Favourite favourite Hobby, but clean Gear might just make it that much more enjoyable.

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