Lakes are awesome.

Since a while, I am quite obsessed with finding Teiche in the Harz. I also have not not that for some Time now though. But that is okay, as I found something that is equally as nice: Regular old natural Lakes.

This Wednesday, when I was in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for unrelated Reasons, I also came past the Schaalsee in Zarrentin. Since I had arrived in the Area too early, I had some Lunch there.

At the Schaalsee.

The Area was so beautiful, I even returned there after all my Tasks had been done. It was far off my Way back to the Autobahn, and so I just did it.

Back at the Schaalsee, I then spend just about half an hour at the Water. I absolutely loved it, but there were dark Clouds on the Horizon and so I left much too early.

It did not begin to Rain after all, but when I realized that I was already back on the Autobahn, headed Home.

Back at the Lake.

Even though my Time at the Schaalsee was very much limited, I absolutely did love it a lot. Spending Time out in Nature, even if it is in a Town, is always very awesome.

If I had had more Time, I might have even taken a Boat out on the Lake. Doing that must be awesome.

The Schaalsee is also a UN Biosphere Reserve, and thus is heavily protected. Since the Area was situated right at the Inner German Boarder, it was pretty much a military out of bounds Area.

No one was allowed to go there, and because of that, Nature was able to thrive massively. And that is awesome. On the West German Side, Nature Park had been established in 1961, and so that side is also protected. I really do like that.

That Biosphere Reserve Sign.

No matter what happens with the unrelated Business that I was in the Area for, I might just return one Day just to enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Place.

The Lake was really magnificent!

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