In Hamburg

Last Wednesday I had a very long Trip to the North of Germany. It was great, and dare I say, it was even productive in an unrelated Way. Since the shortest/ fastest Way to my Destination also took me through the outskirts of Hamburg, I had decided to just stop there on my Way back Home.

And so I did that. Just after I got done where I needed to be, and after spending some Time at the Lake in Zarrentin, I headed into the very busy City.

At the Wasserschloss.

I have to say: For Country Folk like me, driving in Hamburg can be extremely stressful and no fun at all. There are Cars literally everywhere, and there are way to many Lanes that all go somewhere else.

Luckily, I was able to us my Phone as a SatNav with the Help of some clear Packing Tape. Just because of that I was able to find my Way to where I wanted to go. Without it, I would have been completely lost.

Another Thing that came as a shocking Revelation to me were the Parking Costs: I paid almost 5€ for just about 1.5 hours. That is a lot in my Books.

In the Speicherstadt.

Since Parking was already so expensive, I had quickly decided to just spend some Time in the Speicherstadt. That Place is my favourite Area in Hamburg anyways.

I just really love all those Brick Buildings and all the Fleete in between. I doubt that you can actually live in the Speicherstadt itself, but that would probably be very awesome. The HafenCity is just next Door, but it is also very much different.

From where I had parked, close to the Hamburger Wasserschloss in the Dienerreihe, I walked pretty much all the Way to the Kehrwiderspitze. In other Words, I almost walked the entire Length of the Speicherstadt. In the End, I was maybe 500 Metres short, but that was okay.

The Kehrwiderspitze.

From there, I then crossed over to the floating Pier in the Sandtorhafen. That Place is actually very beautiful m and there are a lot of old Ships lying there. It is also situated in the more modern HafenCity Area.

Once you cross the Street ‘Am Sandtorkai’, you are pretty much out of the old Speicherstadt and right in Hamburg’s newest Neighbourhood. Living there is supposedly very expensive though, and I would not want that anywhere. There Streets in the Area still Flood from Time to Time after all.

I also had a very nice View of the Elbphilharmonie from that Pier, but I had decided not to visit there.

The Elbphilharmonie, framed by a Bridge.

Since I only had about 1.5 Hours to spend in the Speicherstadt, I quickly headed back in the Direction of the Car though. That was when I realized that I had actually walked away quite far.

On the Way, I then discovered a new Area that was still under Construction the last Time I had been anywhere near it. There were some modern Brick Buildings, and even a Movie Theatre, with a nice, wide Alleyway between them.

There were Restaurants and Benches and even some Trees. It was super beautiful. To bad Parking was so expensive. Otherwise, I might have lingered a little bit longer.

In the Alleyway.

In the End, I really loved it to spend some Time, as short as it was, in Hamburg again. That Place is my favourite Germany City after all.

I had also arrived back at the Car with ten Minutes to spare, but that was okay. I had paid with an App and got the rest Time refunded. That was kinda nice. Parking was still too expensive in my Opinion.

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