At the Elbe

Since today, I am Interning in Brunsbüttel, but that is completely unrelated. I also spent a little Time at the Elbe, not far from the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. Sadly, there was only one Ship in view today, and it was more of a tiny Boat than anything else.

I still liked the Area where I was a lot, mostly because the shorelines of the Elbe are pretty much straight there. That looks very cool on Fotos.

A tiny Boat on the Elbe.

Today, I also did not spend very much Time where I was, because all the Benches in The Area were either occupied, or had no real View of the Shipping Lanes.

That one little red Tanker did look kinda cool though. I especially liked it when a tiny Sailboat also appeared within View. Sailboats and Motorships make for a nice Contrast.

The Fact that that very small Tanker was red also helped a lot. Red is one of my favourite Colours after all. It makes a great Contrast to pretty much every other Colour. That is why I also own a pair of red Shoes now.

With the Sailboat.

Since I had a long Drive today and since my Day will start early tomorrow, I did not do much Exploring just yet. That will have to wait a bit.

Brunsbüttel is definitely a beautiful Place though, and I can hear the Ships from my Room. That is because I am really not far away from the Elbe. I am also not far from the Channel.

I guess there will be a bit of Ship-related Photography over the next two Weeks, whenever I have some Time to Spare.

Bonus: A small Beacon at the Elbe.

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