Ultra-wide Street Photography in Hamburg

So last Wednesday I spend an hour or so in Hamburg, my favourite German City so far. I explored the Speicherstadt, and saw some beautiful Buildings. I had a really good Time there.

I also felt intrigued by the local Street Life, and so I did a little bit of ’Street Photography’. Only that I used a Wide-Angle Lens this Time around. And I have to say: The Results are definitely different.

The Suit.

Usually, Street Photography focuses more on the Individual, but I have never really liked that Approach. To me, including a lot of the Surroundings and a bit less of the People always felt more right.

And so it was only natural for me to try out some truly Wide-Angle Street Photography with my 10-18mm Crop Lens.

I have to say, while these Fotos are definitely very ‘different’, I still actually like them a lot. They not only capture Life as it happened on that fateful Day in Hamburg. They also showcase the Surroundings of the Überseequartier.

On a Bench.

Since I had never actually been in the Überseequartier before, except for a Museum Visit a few Years back, I really enjoyed it to Explore there.

There were many Restaurants in the Alleyways between all the Buildings, and there were even a few completely unrelated Foto Shoots going on. I really like that Area now, even though it does feel a bit Hipster to me.

The Place, with its much more modern Architecture, is also very different to the Speicherstadt and the nearby Kaispeicher B.

That Kaispeicher houses Hamburg’s International Maritime Museum. And it is most certainly worth a Visit.


While this ‘Wide-Angle Street Photography’ definitely looks extremely different to most common Styles of the Art, including mine, I still had a lot of fun just being in the Moment doing what I wanted to do.

In the End, I do all my Photography for Fun, and that is definitely the best way to go about learning new Techniques and trying out new Styles in my Opinion.

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