At the NOK

This Monday, I arrived in Brunsbüttel for an Internship. That Day, I had also visited the Elbe right next to the Start of the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (NOK) to Kiel. Today, I then also visited the Locks in Brunsbüttel.

It had just rained, and it was looking like more was to come, but I just had to go outside and Explore a little more while it was more or less dry. Sadly, there were not many Ships around today again. I have to find some Kind of Schedule for that.

A Marina at the NOK.

When I arrived at the NOK around 9pm, the Skies were very gloomy and grey, but I actually kinda liked that look. It makes for some much more moody Fotos.

Right where I had parked the Car, there was a little Marina right next to the massive Locks here in Brunsbüttel. I did not spend much, if any, Time there. Since it still looked like Rain I headed to the actual Locks right away.

Luckily, there was a small Visitors Platform not far away. I just discovered that after being led to believe that the whole Area was locked off though. A few more Signs would have been great.

The Platform.

There was a Smoking Ban in effect pretty much anywhere near that Platform and the Locks, but that was okay. I do not Smoke, and it is probably a huge Fire Prevention Aspect.

The View from that Platform was a bit limited though, because the Area behind the Windows was fenced off. And the one long Bench that was there was not under the tiny Roof at all.

It was still very cool to be able to get this close to the NOK, even though there was only one small Ship entering the Locks at the Time. Its Name was Sylvia, and it was carrying a lot of Lumber.


Because of the Weather, and a crowd of partying Teenagers, O did not stay in that Spot for very long though. All I still witnessed was the Ship being moored and the massive Gate being closed behind it.

Those Lock Gates have an interesting Navigation Aid on them. There are three Light. Two Bars and one Triangle. The Triangle marks the Centre Line of the Lock, while the Bars mark the Edges. It is really cool.

Each Gate is also just one massive sliding Door instead of two hinged ones that would be used in smaller Locks. I could really Nerd out about all that. But maybe I will do that later.

Along the Lock Basin, there were a lot of little yellow ‘Safety Huts’. I guess those are meant to protect Workers from potentially snapping ropes, but I will have to do some more Research to find out why they are there for real.

The Gate at the Elbe.

Just before the Locks, where the Marina is, there is also a small Ferry Crossing. I actually saw the Boats cross-crossing the NOK quite a few Times. But by the Time I got close enough for a Foto, it was a bit too dark already.

I will definitely return there during my Stay here in Brunsbüttel though. Maybe when there are some larger Ships passing the Locks into the NOK to Kiel.

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