Mole 1

Yesterday, I had a great Time watching Ships at the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (NOK) and the Elbe from Mole 4 right here in Brunsbüttel. There was quite a bit of Traffic, and it was really awesome.

Today, after browsing some Regional Magazines, I then decided to head out to Mole 1 right on the other Side of the Schleuseninsel. From there, all the Pilots take off to do their Job. And there is a Antique Lighthouse that you can get right up close to.

A Ferry.

In Order to get to the other Side of the NOK without having to drive for a long Time, I had to take the Ferry right across the Kanal. I left the Car on a Parking Lot in Brunsbüttel and then made my Way to the Pier.

Luckily, that Ferry Ride was completely free of charge, and also offered some unique Views of Schleusen that you just can not get from dry land. I am really glad that I did went that Way.

On the other Side, all I had to do was to walk a measly 1.5 kilometres from the Pier to Mole 1 through some green Area. On the Way back, I would decide to just walk along the Road leading there as well.

Along the Way.

After crossing through a small Schrebergartensiedlung, that is an Area full of small Gardens, I then arrived right at the older half of the Schleuseninsel where the Pilothouse is located.

From there, Mole 1 was only a Stones Throw down the Pier. Along the Way there, I then came across a little Herd of Sheep.

Since I kinda liked them, I decided to stop right there for a Moment and take a few Fotos.

One Sheep.

But I was not there to take some Fotos of Sheep, and so I headed onto Mole 1. The Place was open today, and so I decided to have my Lunch, a nice Fischbrötchen that I had bought on the other Side of the NOK, right then and there.

On that Side of the Schleuseninsel, there was not as much Traffic as along Mole 4 yesterday, but I still saw some nice Boats. That was to be expected though, since those the Schleusen on that Side are only meant for smaller Craft.

The Antique Lighthouse there was very beautiful by the Way. It is a shame that those Things are getting replaced with modern ones more and more, especially since there is Construction going on to build one extra Schleuse.

But that has to be done so that some much needed Maintenance can be performed on the aging Hauptschleusen. Those were built back in 1911, and closing just one Chamber would pretty much block the NOK for Years. And that just can not happen. The Waterway is much to important for that. It is kinda like the Suez Canal of Europe, only that it is used even more.

Mole 1

After having my Lunch and spending some Time watching Boats at Mole 1, I then headed back to the Ferry to take it back across the NOK.

But before I did that, I got to see one Pilot Boat departing and another returning. Because I really do like the look of those orange Vessels, I did also take a few Fotos of that.

I also saw a special Pilot Boat from the Mole, it was a Trimaran. That is a Boat with three Bits in the Water instead of just one. And it produces a lot less Drag. I did not see it move today though.

Two Pilot Boats and Mole 1

Today, I had a great Time Exploring on the other side of the NOK. It was definitely a great Decision to take the Ferry and then walk down to Mole 1. And I had decided not to go there this Morning! I guess that Plan changed for the better.

Tomorrow, there is going to be a Fish Market right where the Ferry leaves, and I guess I will definitely go there. Maybe I will even score some more Fischbrötchen. Those were very good today.

Bonus: The Trimaran.

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