Another Day in Brunsbüttel

Today, I had originally planned to visit the so called ’Fischmarkt’ here in Brunsbüttel. It was a very disappointing Experience though, as it turned out that it actually was more of a Flea Market than anything else.

But when I was leaving the Area, I noticed that a Guided Tour of the Schleusen was just leaving. Luckily, I was still able to join that little Group.

On the Tour.

Sadly, that Guided Tour only went down to the public Viewing Platform that I had already visited a few Days ago. I did learn a few more Things, but also nothing that I would not have been able to find out with a little Research.

At the End of the Tour, we were allowed into the Schleuseninformationzentrum though, where we were given a nice little Presentation about the new Schleusenkammer 5 that should have been done last Year. It is now going to open by 2025.

It is also going to be much more expensive than initially planned, but that appears to be completely normal these Days.

At the Schleusen.

After that guided Tour, that cost me 5€ by the Way, I then decided to play Tour Guide myself and led some other ‘Tourists’ from the Schleusen to the old Marina here in Brunsbüttel.

I had wanted to go there sometime anyways, and I definitely knew a better Way to get there than the original Tour Guide from the Schleusentour. I am currently living not all too far from there after all.

That old Marina is actually very beautiful, but it must have been low Tide when I got there, as some of the moored Boats were sitting on dry Land. It actually looked kinda funny to me.

The Marina.

After spending some Time there, I then decided to head back ‘Home’ in order to make myself Dinner. I was kinda hungry, and it was also starting to get late.

I did not went straight there though. That would have meant taking a detour from the Marina. The shortest Way back to my Room actually led me through the next Street over.

And it was also a beautiful Street. There was a Fleet on one Side, and some nice Brick Houses on the other Side. I really liked that Place.

Said Street.

In the End, today was a great Day after all. Even though both the Fischmarkt and the Schleusentour were a little bit of a let-down in different Ways, I am still glad that I was there and took part in the Activities.

The Weather was awesome as well, but I am pretty sure that I got just a bit sun-burned. I did not have any Sunscreen with me today.

Bonus: Someone working a Mooring Line at the Schleuse.

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