Taking Ferries

Today, after Interning here in Brunsbüttel some more, I decided to take the Scenic Route back to my Accommodations. And it was not even that much longer, Distance Wise.

It did however take much more Time to go by Ferry then it would have had I just driven straight back. Those Things usually run on a Schedule, after all.

On the Ferry to Ostermoor.

The first Ferry I took today took me from Brunsbüttel, near the Sasol Plant, over the NOK, to Ostermoor, an Industrial Neighbourhood.

From there, taking pretty much just one Road and turning right twice, I made it to the same Ferry that I had taken to Mole 1 on Saturday.

Driving onto that Ferry was kinda much more exhilarating than just walking right onto it. I know that it should not be anything special, but I had never done something like it before.

In Ostermoor.

At that second Ferry I had to take today, I then had to wait a bit though. It was a little busy, and a Boat had just departed when I arrived at the Station.

That also meant that I was able to ride the Ferry right up Front though, and that was very nice. It meant that I was able to take a few Fotos during the Crossing. Video was out of the Question though. The Ride was very jittery, and there were too many People talking.

I also got lucky in another Way. A Cyclist was nice enough to step back a little so he would not be in my Frame. Thank you, Stranger!

Another Ferry from the Ferry.

Because I took those two Ferries, a Journey that usually takes around 9 Minutes lasted just under 30 Minutes today. But it was an awesome Experience, and I am probably going to go down that Route again. It just like it to sit on the Ferry.

It is just a lot of Fun to do so. And it is also a bit relaxing. And the best Thing is: Taking a Ferry across the NOK is completely Free. That is because a Decree was put in Place when that Kanal was built in the late 19th Century.

A lot of Travel Routes were cut back then, and the Emperor needed to sway public Opinion/ avoid rioting against his massive Project.

Back on the NOK.

Today, I had a great Time taking the Ferry back Home from Work. While it definitely took much longer than just driving there, I definitely do not regret my Choice.

I just wanted to drive onto a Ferry right one Day. And I got to cross that off my Bucket List today. It is always awesome to cross something off that list.

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