Mole 4

Here in Brunsbüttel, where the Elbe meets the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (NOK), there are four Molen to guide Ships into the Schleusen at the beginning of the Kanal. Last Weekend, I had already visited Mole 1, one of the two publicly accessible Molen.

The other one of those is Mole 4, and I had actually been around it and on its Seawall a few Times before. I just never had visited the actual Area of the Beacon though. That happened yesterday.

A the Seawall near the Schleuseninsel.

I had gone to the Area because I knew that the Views of the Elbe were great from there, I had been before after all. But this Time around, I then decided to just walk across the Grass to get down to the Sea Wall and the actual Mole 4.

Other People had been doing that, and so I had figured that it was okay to just walk across the Lawn.

While I was actually able to walk all the Way to the Beacon at Mole 1, that was not actually possible here. There was a Fence, and I did not want to be caught Trespassing where I should not be.

At the Mole.

Down at the Mole, I actually had a much better View of the River than I had from up on the Seawall. It was actually kinda awesome. I was also able to here the Waves much more clearly from down there.

I had also gotten Lucky, and for the first Time some bigger Ships appeared on the Horizon and drove past me down to the Port of Hamburg to drop off/ take on some Cargo and be on their Way again.

It still fascinates me how those massive Ships stay afloat. That is especially true for those that have Cranes on one Side but not on the other. It must be a lot of Work to actually Ballast those Things so that they sit in the Water without listing to either Side.

Admittedly, I am still not a big Fan of those Ships though. They just do not look very good in my Opinion.

Along Mole 4.

Watching Ships on both the Elbe and the NOK actually is kinda awesome. I think I might have become a bit of a Boat Nerd over Time. And I have even seen some Ships multiple Times. Like the Red One in the first Foto. It had already been in Brunsbüttel last Week.

Yesterday, while sitting at the Mole, I was able to just sit there and think about Ships for some Time. While I am definitely never going to be a Seafarer, the Nautical World still kinda intrigues me.

There are so many Things that could go wrong, but they usually do not. And if they do, there are People out there who try to do something. But more on that in a latter Story.

Mole 4 from the Seawall.

No matter what is going to happen with me in the Future, Brunsbüttel definitely is a Place that I will hold in my Heart for a Time to come. I will probably also visit again, maybe even with my Family. That would be awesome. I could show them quite a few Things already.

Like the free Ferries. Or the massive Schleusen. I think they would definitely enjoy it here. Brunsbüttel really is a beautiful Place.

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