One afternoon in Friedrichskoog

The last two Weeks, I have been pretty much living here in Brunsbüttel. But since today was my last Day, I wanted to do something that I had not done before. I wanted to do something kinda special.

So, after Interning for a half Day, I just drove down to Friedrichskoog by the Nordsee. That was definitely nice.

On the Deich.

Friedrichskoog, sitting about 30 kilometres from Brunsbüttel, is a small Village right at the Coast. And it is absolutely beautiful. It is also kinda right in the middle of nowhere.

But since it is right at the Nordsee, if there is Wind, there is a lot of it. And today was such a Day. My Ice Cream got blown straight into my Face. It was not a very pleasant Experience.

The Wind itself was awesome though. Sometimes, a ‘steife Briese’ is something very nice. There were also a lot of People flying Kites because of the Wind.

Mittelplate A.

From the Deich in Friedrichskoog, you can also see the only German Off Shore Oil Rig, Mittelplate A. From there, Crude Oil gets pumped via Pipeline to the Refinery in Heide.

It sits right in the National Park, but that was established after the Platform was built. It is also very safe. And as long as we still use Oil, it has to come from somewhere. The Platform is operated by Wintershall DEA.

While I am not a big Fan of burning Oil, it is used for so much more. Like Aspirin for example. And Plastics.

A Lifeguard Tower.

Usually, you could also swim in the Nordsee in Friedrichskoog, but I did not really want to do that today. It was too. Windy, and I did not have a Bathing Suit with me.

There were however quite a few People walking into the shallow Sea right at the Deich where I was sitting. Because of that, and because it just has to be, the local Lifeguard Tower was obviously manned.

It was actually a very cool looking Tower as well. I really liked it. Too bad that there is no viewing Platform on Top of it.

A Tourist Trap.

Visiting Friedrichskoog, and also having a nice Fischbrötchen after losing my Ice Cream to my Face, was really nice today. Even the Wind was absolutely awesome. I really did love it.

I also visited a Seehund Station, but that is material for another Story. It has been very nice though.

A Kite.

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