Driving Home

After living in Brunsbüttel for the better Part of the last two Weeks, my Time there ended Yesterday. And of Course that meant that I had to drive back Home.

I had to Options of getting there: Driving through Hamburg and getting stuck at the Elbtunnel, or driving through Glückstadt and getting stuck at the Elbfähre from there to Wischhafen.

A Train in Glückstadt.

In the End, I had decided on the Ferry, because I really do not like driving in Hamburg. It brings out a bad Side in me. When I arrived in Glückstadt, waiting Times there were supposed to be 60-90 Minutes.

Because of that, I headed to the Train Station first. There, I did a little Rail-fanning and realized that waiting Times were not getting any shorter. So I headed to the Pier anyways.

There, I actually had to wait for just around 45 Minutes, so I guess I got less unlucky then I had anticipated. Along the Way, I also got an okay Fischbrötchen, so not all was lost.

Another Ferry from the Ferry.

While this Ferry Ride was not for Free, it cost 9€, it was definitely much more enjoyable than driving through the Elbtunnel. That would have also cost my Sanity, at least temporarily.

From the Ferry I was also able to see the Brokdorf Nuclear Power Plant, where I had driven past earlier on the Way to Glückstadt. That is one of formerly three such Things in the Area, the others being Brunsbüttel and Stade.

Maybe I will do a post about that on another Day. But I am not sure about that just yet. Nuclear Power is way to political for me.

The Ferrys Bridge.

After crossing the Elbe on that Ferry, I then continued on into Stade, where I also drove past the former Power Plant. Back in 2018, I even was inside that Building, and it was very much just an empty Shell.

In Stade, I then had Dinner, a deliciously overpaid Cheese Burger. I also explored the Stadthagen a little bit.

Since my only charged Camera Battery was beginning to die though, I stopped my Photographic Journey right there.

In Stade.

After Dinner, I then continued my Journey back Home, where I arrived around 10pm, or around 3 Hours later. It was a very smooth Drive though. And I do like those.

I was also very tired though, and pretty much fell asleep right as I hit my Bed. And I slept very well indeed.

Brokdorf NPP in the Background.

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