Switching to BBAF

A while ago, I had tried out Back Button Autofocus (BBAF), and I did not like it. My Camera is not really meant to be used that Way. It was actually kinda uncomfortable to do so.

Just a few Weeks ago, I then decided to go ahead and try it again though. My Camera has not changed a bit, but my Mindset definitely has. I wanted to have a Way to Focus without pressing the Shutter Button.

A Rescue Boat in Brunsbüttel.

I have to say that I actually do like it better that Way now. The only downside is that I also had to remap AE-Lock to the Shutter Button, there was no Way around that.

While that is mostly because the old Star Button now serves as the AF-ON Button, it is still a bit annoying. I do not usually use that Function and always found it annoying when I accidentally hit that Button in the Past. But I can live with that as long as I have to.

Using BBAF just gives me much more Control about when I want my Camera to Focus and when I want to hold that Focus. I just have to remember that I have changed that Setting, but I am getting there.

A Ship on the Elbe.

Because of the Switch, I could also switch my Camera to be on Servo AF all the Time, since it only ever would be active when I press the AF-ON.

I am probably not going to do that though. I just very much prefer the Certainty of One-Shot. That Way, I can also use a much smaller Focus Point that is disabled in Servo AF, probably because it is too small for that.

For the same Reason I can not use that smaller Point when I shoot Video. It is a bit annoying, but it is also okay.

Several Tugs.

Having changed my Camera to BBAF feels like the right move for now. I am quickly getting used to it, and having an automatic AE-Lock is something I can live with as long as I have to.

Doing Photography kinda Fels much more ‘real’ this Way. It is also much easier to Focus and Recompose, even though I rarely do that since switching to Mirrorless a few Years back.

Right now, I am also using my Camera Cage though, and that might have swayed my Decision a bit. It just adds so much Bulk that the tiny AE-Lock button is now in a suitable Spot to be used as the AF-ON Button.

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