I love Clouds

Landscape Photography is really awesome. Shooting some beautiful Vistas is just always great. There is one very important Thing that I can not really go without though: Clouds.

Clouds are awesome, and Clouds are very much unique. Without them, blue Skies would look completely boring and dare I say even kinda wrong.

A Skye full of Clouds.

Clouds come in all kinds of Shapes and Sizes. Some look like Sheep, while others are truly Menacing and Dark.

They reflect Sunsets and Sunrises very nicely and scatter their Colours all over the Skies. Sometimes, Clouds come in beautiful Formations. Usually, they are alone in a sea of other Clouds.

The only Thing that they all have in Common is that they are made from Water. They also all rain down eventually. And sometimes with much Force.

I hope those People affected by the Weather in Western Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands can make a speedy recovery. And may those lost find their peace. It has been really bad, and I only saw it on the News.

A tiny Plane in Front of the Clouds.

Still, without any Clouds most Landscapes would only look half as good, if even that. Clouds really are Essential for my Photography.

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