A new Feature

It should not come as a surprise to anyone, but I do edit my Fotos. Usually, I only do some tweaks to Light, Colour and Crop though. To do that, I have pretty much always used Adobe Lightroom.

A while ago, they had come out with a Function to enhance Detail in Fotos, and that was okay. I also rarely ever used it. But now, there is a new Feature on the Block. Lightroom can also enhance the Resolution of a given Foto up to 2x in each Direction, effectively quadrupling it.

Some Trees.

Naturally, I wanted to try out that exact Feature at least once before giving it the Boot and never using it again. Or at least not with my current Laptop. That thing is still very good, but it also struggles sometimes.

To give it a shot, I had to select a Foto I wanted to enhance. I also wanted to give it a fair shot, and so I selected a relatively good Foto of a nice little Flower I had found on the Wayside.

Maybe I should have chosen a sharper Foto to begin with though, as it actually was not that good in my Opinion. But it had been a little windy, and that is that.

The pretty Flower.

I still like the Foto quite a bit. And all that extra Resolution also made it much easier to Photoshop a few Distractions that I just had not seen when I actually took the Foto.

Usually, I do not do that. But I am also not fundamentally opposed to using Photoshop. Photography is an Art Form after all, and every Artist should do as they see fit. As long as it is not used for Editorials and disclosed when required.

Changing People is a no-go in my Opinion, but removing Distractions, or in my Case a big fat dead looking Fly, is completely fine. No one wants those Things in a nice Foto anyways.

Trash on the other Hand is best picked up. Removing it in Photoshop does not remove it from Nature.

Enhancer 2.

I also tried another Foto, and it actually went a bit better. Instead of creating a mere 79 Megapixel Foto out of a 24 Megapixel one, I got a full 96 Megapixel Foto this Time. In the End, that is all Super Resolution is good for.

My poor Laptop also needed 12 Minutes to process the File though, and I could not get it to do anything else whilst it was doing so. That Thing really was breathing hard and complaining a lot, but it got the Job done quite well in the End.

All that, and the fact that I usually ‘dumb down’ my Fotos to 6 Megapixels during Export anyhow, means that I probably will not use that Feature again. Unless I have to do that for a huge Print or something.

And even then, I would probably think twice, or even three Times. Resolution is not that important for huge Prints anyhow, depending on where they are going to be hung.

In the same Area.

Files Sizes are obviously also massive. The Flower, with its slightly lower Resolution is 44 Megabytes, while the other one eats up a whopping 90 Megabytes. That is a lot, and I have a 1 Terabyte SSD in my Laptop.

The worst Part are definitely the Rendering Times though, and the Fact that I can not use my Laptop during those Times at all. Using the Super Resolution Feature kinda bricks it for at least 12 Minutes per Foto.

I do not want that.

(The enhanced Fotos are dumbed down to just 3 Megapixels in this Case, as I had to use Snapseed to size them down. I did not want to go through the whole Lightroom Process again.)

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