I kinda miss Toronto

A few Years ago, I was fortunate enough to live and also work in Canada for a whole Year. That was back from April 2014 to April 2015 though, and that is a long Time ago now.

While I thought that I was okay with not being able to visit for now, it is getting a bit harder at the Moment. Even though all of the recent political Controversy that I will not get into, I really miss Canada right now. That is especially true for my Friends there, and weirdly enough, the City of Toronto.

CN Tower from Spadina x St Andrew.

Back when I first arrived in Toronto back in 2014, it was completely overwhelming. I had been in bigger Cities like Hamburg, Köln and Berlin before, but American/ Canadian gridded Cities are something else entirely.

Even though I was completely gobsmacked , I also dealt kinda at Home right then and there. Toronto definitely is not the most beautiful City in the World, but it has its own gritty Charme. And I really loved that.

For the first Weeks, all I did was set up my Canadian Life, and Explore around with my Friends.

From Centre Island.

We explored everything together, but after a while we each went our own way. But that was good, as everyone made their own choices and got their own Jobs.

The only Thing that I regret a bit is that I probably stayed in Toronto a bit too long in the beginning, trying to find a Job there. It was much easier, and also much more financially feasible, to work somewhere.

And so I went Farming and washed Dishes all over Canada, eventually reaching as far West as British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

But something always drew me back into the Meat-grinder that is Toronto.

The Flatiron.

I volunteered for the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2014, and probably would have done the same during the Pan Am Games in 2015, if I still had been in the Country by then.

Sadly, everything that begins also has an Ending. And so, after exactly one Year, my Time in Canada ended exactly where it had begun. At the Airport in Toronto.

During my last Days in Toronto, I ended everything that I had to end. I practically wrapped up my Canadian Life and pretty much returned to being a mere Tourist for the last few Days of my Journey.

A Toronto Streetcar.

My Days in Canada might be long over, but I still hold many dear Memories in my Heart. One Day I will return, even if just for a while. But it will be awesome.

I might not agree with everything I did back then, but largely, I do not regret a Thing. Except for the Fact that I had to leave again.

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