At the Entensumpf, once again

There are many beautiful Places here in the Harz, and it is always nice to Discover new ones. It is also great to go back to where you have already been to Explore those Areas a bit more.

And that was exactly what I have been doing today. Ever since I first visited the Entensumpf last Year, in January 2020, I returned there quite often. I just really like the Place and always find it enjoyable to spend some Time there.

In the Woods at the Entensumpf.

Today, since there were a lot of People around, and since I also did not really feel like it, I did not actually take to many Fotos of the Teich itself.

I also spend most of my Time there today in the little wooded Area on the North Shore, which is my favourite Place at the Entensumpf. Being in the Trees was especially nice today, as the Light was truly amazing.

It is always beautiful how Sunlight gets filtered and scattered around by all the Plants. And today, it looked even better than usual. Or at least it did to me.

Deep in the Woods.

There are Days when I have all the Time in the World to Explore around and do everything just the Way I like it: At my own Pace. That is also why I normally go around all by myself. Usually, that is good.

Sometimes, there are Fotos that I see in my Head that would just look so much better with someone in them. That also happened to me today.

Along the Path, there was a shadowy Area with a little tiny Spotlight right in the middle of it. Right there, a Person in a reddish-orange Jacket would have looked very cool. I would have loved that.

Further along the Path.

Luckily, I did not have to think about that for too long today, as I did not have that much Time to hang around in the first Place. I went there relatively late in the Day, and I also still had some Things to do.

So, after just a while, I headed back to the Car from the Entensumpf and drove home after seeing a very cool electric Car.

Do not get me wrong, but I find those short visits to the Harz to be actually more refreshing and ‘productive’ than those where I spend multiple Hours in one Place.

Through the Greenery.

Today was no exception to that general Rule. I was actually kinda satisfied with what I had achieved, instead of thinking that I could have done more.

Sometimes next Week, I am planning a longer Trip into the Okertal though. I just have to find out when the Water is on.

A bit more Water.

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