Changing the Game

Photography is awesome. But I had been very much stuck in my Ways, pretty much doing everything the same over and over again. Now my Results actually did look different every Time, that was more on the Light than it was on me.

On pretty much any Shoot I would do, my Camera would have pretty much the same Settings. It almost entirely ’lived‘ in Aperture Priority at ƒ/8.0.

At the Entensumpf.

Yesterday then, I decided that I had had enough of ƒ/8.0. It still is a very versatile Aperture, but I did want to go a different Way.

Since I also used my old 22mm Lens that can go all the Way down to ƒ/2.0, I decided to just try out a few different Numbers. In the End, I still got stuck on one Aperture, but it was ƒ/4.0 instead of ƒ/8.0.

Most Photographers would probably consider that too open for Landscape Photography, but some Depth always looks good, especially in Nature. Having everything in Focus never really was my Style anyways.

Shot at ƒ/8.0.

While ƒ/8.0 also provides some Depth to Fotos, Things are just a lit smoother at ƒ/4.0. The added benefit is also that there is a lot more Light getting into my Camera at that Aperture.

In fact, I got a whopping two Stops of extra Light. And that also meant that my Camera, which is still set to shoot with Auto ISO, could select a much lower ISO. I always appreciate those lower ISOs.

While I am definitely not afraid of some Noise, I can very much live without it. I still added some in Post. It makes Fotos look more me. And also more old-timey. I love that.

Flowers at the blue Frame.

Getting Stuck in ones Ways never is the best Thing. Even if you are doing everything right, the World still changes around you. That is how People fall behind.

The same is true for Photography. You do not have to follow every Trend, but a little Change is always good.

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