The ICE Train

Over the last Week, I had been interning for another Company, and it felt kinda right. On the Way back Home today, I then stopped in a small Town near Göttingen to photograph some beautiful High Speed Trains.

Here in Germany, those are usually ICEs of all Varieties, ranging from the 1 over the 2, 4 and even a handful of Ts. They are real fast. And I absolutely love them.

ICE stands for Intercity Express. But I sometimes also call them white Landsnakes. That is because they are usually long and white, with a thin red Stripe.

One ICE 4.

The newest Version of the ICE currently is the ICE 4, also known as the BR 412. Coincidentally, it is my least favourite Generation of the Iconic Train.

While it does look very cool on the outside, I am convinced that it is much narrower on the inside when compared to previous Train-Sets.

They also look much more boxy than the ICE 3 and T, coming a bit closer to the Original. They are however a bit slower, at a Top Speed of ‘only’ 265 km/h.

One very sleek ICE T.

The ICE T (BR 411 or 415), while being a true ICE by nomenclature, is more of a Subset to the Trains. It is meant to collect Passengers and shuffle them towards the real ICEs.

On the Inside, they are much simpler. And on the outside, they are extremely sleek when compared to the similar looking ICE 3. Because of that, I am not the biggest Fan of this Model ICE.

To me, the ICE T just lacks its own Character, looking almost like the discontinued TD and being similar enough to the 3. Today, I did not see any ICE 3s by the Way.

An old ICE 2.

The ICE 2 (BR 402), just like the aging ICE 1, is scheduled to be replaced by the much newer ICE 4, but it might actually take longer than the Deutsche Bahn had initially planned. There are plans to rejuvenate the Trains.

On the outside, they look very much like the ICE 1, with one of the Locomotives replaced by a Control Cab. It also ditched the iconic Restaurant Humpback of the ICE 1.

It also has a slightly different Front End and Interior.

My favourite ICE.

Truth be told, my favourite ICE is actually the ICE 1 (BR 401). It is old and externally very similar to the newer ICE 2, but I just really love its Humpback. It makes the Train easily distinguishable from quite a Distance.

It is the first ICE that was ever put into Service back in early 90ies. They Trains are also currently being modernized, so we might still have them for a while.

The ICE 1 is also the first kind of ICE I ever got to ride , so it has a special Place in my Heart.

2 thoughts on “The ICE Train”

  1. You do things better in Germany. Trains at least! If we had something like that in Canada the carnage would be horrendous. Our regular-speed trains have enough problems as it is. But we could sure use some high-speed rail for cross-country travel.

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    1. It is sad but it is also true. Small Europe does Trains much better than all of North America. Or at least that is true for People Trains. And Japan is even smaller and better at it. But the ICE actually toured the States back in the Day.


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