Back at the Teich.

Being out in Nature is always awesome. And Today, I was finally able to be there once again. Today, I visited the Oderteich with my Mom to show her the other Side of the Dam. She had never been there before.

Our Journey up into the Harz started just after Lunch today, and we actually found a Parking Spot at the Teich. It was great.

The beautiful Staircase at the Oderteich.

Since my Mom wanted to see the other Side of the Dam, we then headed down a very slippery Staircase and arrived at the Rehberger Graben. There was actually a lot of Water in there, but none in the Ausflut.

The Oderteich itself was much emptier then the last Time I had visited. But that was to be expected. It always gets emptier in the Summertime. And it was not all that bad, to be honest.

The empty Ausflut.

From the Graben, we than climbed up the other Staircase to the the now empty Waterfall Ausflut. It was still quite beautiful though. I just really love it how that rocky Slope looks anyways.

Back up on Top of the Dam, we then had to decide where to go next. At first, we headed into the Woods right there, but it just did not feel right.

Because of that, we decided to head down that Staircase again and just walk along the Rehberger Graben for a while.

Up on the other Side.

Back down at the Graben, after just walking along it for a while, the both of us then had a little Picnic. My Mom had brought something to Drink and a few Snacks. We had a real good Time there.

It was absolutely great to just sit there in the Woods talking a bit and watching Nature for a while.

There were not even all that many People around. Most of them stay on the other Side of the Dam, at the Oderteich.

At the Graben.

Today, I had a really great Time at the Rehberger Graben with my Mom. Sadly, after just being there for a while, we still had to leave. It was getting late, and the both of us still had a few Things to do individually.

It was definitely awesome though.

Bonus: At the Bottom of the Dam.

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