Taking a different Path

Today, I had an important Appointment in the next Town over. But even those Appointments end at some Point. And so, after getting my second Jab and waiting around to get my Certificate, I then drove back Home.

But since I had gotten me a Sandwich at a local Bakery, I left the Highway again to Stop at a Place by the Railroad to have my Lunch. That was nice.

A red regional Train.

After a Train had passed by, and after having said Lunch, I then decided to head left instead of going right back to the Highway.

There was supposed to be a small Village at the End of the Road, and I had never in my Life been there before. So naturally I wanted to check that out.

Obviously, there was a little Village right there, but calling it even that would be a Stretch of the Definition. It was merely a handful of Houses, sitting right at the Edge of the Nationalpark Harz.

The Park Sign.

Other than a few People and some Horses, there was nothing much to see there. It was also not the most photogenic Spot in the World.

And since I still had to get some Milk, I left again quickly.

I still had a lot of fun going the other Way though.

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