Red Regional Trains

By now it should be no Secret that I really like Trains and other Railroad related Stuff. While my favourite Loco is a 218 and my favourite German Train is the ICE 1, I do not get to see those very often here in my Small Town.

There is an hourly Regionalbahn Connection in two Directions, but I guess Osterode is just to small to get any Fernverkehr, or Long Distance Rail Service. But that is okay, I can still reach everywhere in Niedersachsen within just a few Hours because of the Niedersachsen Ticket.

A little Regional Train.

With that Ticket, I can only take Regionalbahn anyhow. But from Osterode, I can also be in Göttingen or Braunschweig within the Hour. And from those Places, I can get anywhere in Germany.

That is because our Rail System is staggered into multiple Transportation Levels. There areLocal Trains like the S-Bahn, Regionalbahn like the little Red Trains that also Stop here, and then there is the Fernverkehr.

Just in the mid 2000s, the old Regionalbahn Trains-sets were replaced with what we have now.

A modern Regionalbahn.

While those are definitely better for the Rider, offering better Comfort and Reliability, they also do not look as cool in my Opinion. I do not have any Fotos of the old Trains though, so you will have to take my Word on that.

On the other Hand, those modern Trains are low Level and can accommodate Wheelchair Users at both Ends. And there is a Toilet on Board that is actually kinda useable. Obviously, that is also a Plus.

I think those Trains might also be a tad bit Quicker. I actually do like them.

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