Getting Exhibited

At the beginning of this Yeas, I had taken Part in a Foto Contest hosted by the Nationalpark Harz and a local Printery. I had gotten one of my Entries selected to be not only exhibited at the Contest, it also got selected to be in the official Calendar next Year.

Just this Weekend, said Exhibition was opened with a nice little Ceremony. Only a handful of People were even invited there because of the Covid-Rules, but it was still very nice.

My selected Foto.

At that ‘Matinee’, a lot of Fotos got exhibited. There were 60 beautiful works of Art on Show to be exact. Of Course only 12 of those Fotos made it into the Calendar, and one of those was obviously my Foto.

For me, being added to that Calendar was already extremely awesome. But I also thought that would be it. I had never won anything before, and I was sure that I would not win anything now either.

There were so many awesome Fotos being exhibited, and some of them even appeared in my Category. I felt as if I had no Chance of getting anything more. And I was good with that. Being in a Calendar was already extremely awesome.

My Foto being exhibited.

After the 12 Fotos that would be in the Calendar had been announced and it got to the four Category Winners, I never thought that I could ever be called out onto the Stage.

Even after my Name had been called, I was unable to fathom what just had happened right then and there. I had actually won in my Category.

The Jury said that my Foto beautifully showed how the End of one Forest really just means the beginning of something new. It was awesome.

My Certificate.

Of Course there was still the matter of the overall Winner having to be announced. And while that was not me, the selected Foto does look very awesome.

I will not show that Foto, or any of the other Category Winners on here, but you can find them right here. I like all of them, and it is an honour to be a Part of it all.

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