A different Forest

These past few Weeks have been intense. I had so much going on, I barely had any Time to do any real Photography.

But now that I have arrived and even got a temporary Abode, I can finally reveal my Secret.

In the deepest Schwarzwald.

I have moved to the Schwarzwald to pursue a new Career that I will not talk about on here. This is a Photography Blog after all. Just one Thing: So far, I do like my new Work.

Since the Schwarzwald is also a Mittelgebirge, just like the Harz, I can not help but compare the two a little. The similarities are a bit uncanny after all.

The Roads feel very much alike so far, and the Trees are also similar. But they are not dead. And I really can not stress that Fact enough.

It is really darn green in the Schwarzwald.

It is so green.

Tomorrow, I will explore a little more. I will also take many more Fotos during the Days, Weeks, Months and Years to come.

I am truly exited to have the Opportunity to Work in this Place with the People I work with. It is great.

Schwarzwald = Black Forest

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