Schwarzwald vs Harz

After exploring around the Schwarzwald for some Time, and absolutely loving it so far, I thought a quick Comparison to my old Stomping Grounds, the Harz, could be in order.

I know I have not been here very long yet, but I still feel that I have already made some valid Observations.

A small Road in the Schwarzwald.

In the Woods, most differences are actually quite Minor. There are huge Patches of Spruce everywhere and it actually looks, smells and feels very much similar. But the Trees are much greener, and so far I have not spotted any larger Death Zones.

I have however read that it might as well be happening here as well, or that it already has happened before. Spruce Monocultures have the same vulnerabilities everywhere. Like the Heat. Or those very dry Summers (&Winters) we had these past few Years.

For now, it is very beautiful though. I definitely have to adjust my editing though. Too much green just does not go with my Style.

Somewhere in the Harz.

It definitely seems as if there are much more Roads in the Schwarzwald though. Or at least it seems so where I am. While most of those Roads are quite narrow and lack most markings, they are definitely very nice to drive on.

In the Harz, most of them would probably be Forestry Roads or otherwise closed off Access Roads. But here, you can take pretty much anyone of them to get to where you are going. Just make sure the Road is actually Public though.

Young Trees.

As for the People: I did not have nearly enough Interactions here to know for sure, but they seem very similar in Nature. I guess us Mountain Folks are quite alike after all.

Now all I need to do is to find an Apartment. That really is no easy feat. But I am sure I will manage.

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