Beni in the Schwarzwald

Since a While now, I always have a little Stormtrooper Keychain hanging on my Backpack.

Sometimes, I really like it to just take it of its Holder and then pose it somewhere in Nature. Last Weekend, I did just that, and it was a lot of fun.

Beni in some Moss.

Hanging out there on my Backpack all the Time did not really do Beni much good though. Their Blaster kinda got loose from the left Hand again. I guess some re-glueing might be in order.

While I had tried to just push it back in place like I usually do, that did not really work out this Time around.

But hey, I still had a lot of fun just standing there at the side of the road through the Woods taking Fotos of Beni once again.

On a Tree Stump.

I kinda feel like I want to have at least a few more Stormtroopers, all posing slightly different, though. It might actually look cool to have a little Battalion posed somewhere out there in the Woods.

Of Course they all would have to have their own Names as well.

Maybe that is something I could do in the Future.

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