My first Hike in the Schwarzwald

This Weekend, my Family visited me here in the Schwarzwald. That was very nice, and we had a great Time exploring Calw and Zavelstein yesterday.

Today though, we had decided to go on a short Hike from their Campground to the Fautsburg and back. And so we did exactly that. We went hiking.

In the Forest.

The first bit of the Tour, towards the Fautsburg, was actually very demanding. It constantly lead uphill, and the Steps in the Path were very much deteriorated after Years of use.

I really did not like that part one bit, but I managed to pull through in the End.

And the Views off, and from the Base of the Castle were actually kinda rewarding.

The beautiful Schwarzwald.

From there, our Path still went uphill for a while, but that was pretty much it. Except for one section towards the End, it was actually smooth sailing from there on.

The Forest here is so much denser, and so much greener than what I am used to from the Harz, I really did love it.

Almost at Hühnerberg, we then turned back into Woods towards Aichelberg.

The old School Path towards Aichelberg.

After a while, we then had to turn off the nice Forestry Road and onto a steep downhill Path. That bit was again not the nicest, but we also managed.

It also would not be long to get back to that Camping Place anymore.

In the End, it was actually a very nice Hike. I actually felt kinda revitalized and much more awake then when we started.

Bonus: The Fautsburg.

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