Castles in the Schwarzwald

Since I arrived here in the Schwarzwald, I already came by three Castles. I visited two of them with my Family, and I drove past the third many Times so far.

But as I found out, those three are only the Beginning. Apparently, there are many more in the Area.

In Zavelstein.

The first Castle that I actually visited here in the Schwarzwald was actually more of a Relic from the Past than anything else.

It lay in Ruins, but it was also still very beautiful. Back in the Day, the French had destroyed Burg Zavelstein in 1692 during the Nine Years’ War.

While the Town was rebuilt a few Years later, the Castle never came to be again.

Within the Ruins.

It is however possible to climb the Bergfried once again. I did not do that though, as my Fear of Heights was having one of its Days.

The other Castle I visited here in the Schwarzwald so far was the Fautsburg. It was the actual Destination of my first Hike.

While it was only about half a Kilometre from my Family’s Camping Place, we still had to Climb up quite a bit.

The Fautsburg.

While that Castle was also nice, the View from the Base of it was even better. You could see as far as the Mountains would permit.

I highly doubt that I will visit the Fautsburg again though. The Climb was just a bit to much for the very little Reward.

The View.

I will however attempt to locate as many Castles here in the Schwarzwald as I can during my free Time.

It is going to be Fun.

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