At the Zwischenahner Meer

So right now it is back to School for me. And while I do live in the Schwarzwald, that actually took me up to the North.

Over the Weekend, I then had some Time to explore the Area around Bad Zwischenahn, and while the Weather was truly awful, I did still enjoy it a lot.

A Ship on the Zwischenahner Meer.

While the Zwischenahner Meer actually has a Name worthy of an Ocean, it is actually a kinda small Lake.

There are still Ships driving around on it, and there is a Sailing Club situated right next to the Jugendherberge where I was staying. But that also happens on the Okertalsperre back in the Harz.

A Surfer on the Lake.

I have looked it up on a Map, and a Walk around the Lake would be around 13km, and some Portions of it are kinda far from the Shoreline. But it is what it is.

And it is actually very beautiful here.

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