A new Tool

Just a bit over a Year ago, something terrible happened to me: I lost my favourite Lens to a Sinkhole. It was a devastating Blow, and because it was usually sold out or generally unavailable, it took me way too long to finally get a new one.

But last Christmas, it finally happened. After all that Time, I got a brand new Canon 50mm 1.8 STM Lens as a gift! It was exiting, but I also did not really get to use it that much so far.

In fact, I have been in the Harz with the Lens once. It was very foggy and cold, but I still had a lot of Fun shooting around with my newest Tool.

Using a 50mm again instantly felt familiar again. I had read missed that feeling that I get from using that Focal Length, not on People but with Landscapes.

That had always been a lot of Fun, and it definitely feels just like that again.

Because of the Weather, I did not stay for very long though. After just a short Time, it had also started to Rain a bit, and I did not want to break my new old Favourite just after a few Days of having it.

That was in December though, and since then I have been much to busy to actually use it much. Maybe when the Days are getting longer again.

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