Spending the Day in Konstanz

Today, after a very long Time of not doing so, I finally got to Travel for Fun again.

It had been so long, but since it is not actually verboten, I decided to just go ahead and go somewhere today.

I ended up taking the Train to Konstanz at the Bodensee. That is almost in Switzerland, and that Fact will have some significance later on.

This Morning, after buying my Tickets, all I had to do was to get myself to the Train Station and into the Train to Horb.

There, I would board one to Singen and then switch towards Konstanz. That Journey would take me just under three Hours.

In the End, it was a bit longer. But I made it to my Destination easily.

After having some Lunch, I then started to explore the Area.

At first, I made my Way from the Station to the Bodensee. There, I walked along the Pier to the Bodensee-Pegel, right at the Foot of the Imperia.

From there, I had a beautiful Panorama of the Bodensee, the other Pier and behind all that, the Swiss and probably also Austrian Alps.

It was truly breathtaking and absolutely beautiful at the same Time.

After leaving that Pier, I continued to make my Way around that little Marina Area, pretty much hugging the Waterline.

It was all just so beautiful. Eventually, I then made it to a Parking Lot though, and there I had to turn around.

A Sign had told me that Pedestrians were not welcome there, and there was also an International Border ahead.

Because of that, I crossed over the Rail Line by a Bridge to make my Way towards that Border on the other Side.

Obviously, I made it there. And because I was curious, and also just for The Fun of it, I walked back and forth across a small, maybe 50 metre Corner of Switzerland.

I actually got some mad Giggles from that, but after a while I also had enough of that and headed back into Konstanz.

There, I continued to Explore for a while until I had to board the Train back Home.

It had been an awesome, albeit rather short, Journey. Maybe I will do a Bodensee Road Trip this Summer during Work Vacation.

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