Riding through the Storm

Just yesterday, I had been on the Way Home from School. At the same Time, a Storm had been brewing since Thursday.

That Storm was actually supposed to become a real bad one, and all Train Service in Northern Germany would be halted in the Evening.

Since my Journey started around Noon , I did not think about it that much at first.

Sadly, blissful ignorance does not make Problem go away. And so the second of three Trains I was supposed to take Home would remain canceled all Day long.

In Fact, all Trains from Hannover to Göttingen had been canceled.

So I had to take a slight detour that would take a little longer. That was okay, at least I would still get Home.

Or so I had thought. There would be more Problems ahead.

During that Detour Trip, the last Train I was to take got canceled as well, but that was not such a big Problem as I would have needed to get picked up at the Station anyways because of the Storm.

I just had to switch where that pickup would happen. And for the Train from Braunschweig to Herzberg to actually run.

Luckily, it did just that. But of Course, there were quite a Issues still.

Two of those Issues would oddly Tree-shaped and send the Train into Emergency stops, one in the middle of a Forest near Osterode, and the other one almost at the penultimate Stop in Herzberg.

Both Times, People had to get out and remove whatever was still on the Tracks so it would not pose a hazard anymore.

The first Time, the Driver did his Thing. For the second Tree, the Train had to be reversed though, and so some Construction Guy who was on Board got out and helped the Driver.

We arrived at the Station late, but we still arrived.

And after getting picked up, I also made it Home safely.

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