Visiting Bremen

Last Friday was the last Day of School for that Block, and so I had to get back Home from Norddeutschland.

I also did not want to drive straight back though. That would have been much too easy and also a bit boring.

Current Fuel Prices also meant that I did not want to take too much of a Detour though. That would have been too pricey.

And so, after putting some thought into it, I decided to visit Bremen for the first actual Time. It was on the Way anyways.

When I arrived in Bremen, I first had to get a Parking Spot for the Car. Luckily, that was easy and I was able to use a Hotel’s Public Garage.

From there, it was only a very short Walk into the Heart of Bremen.

As I arrived there, I immediately realized that I should have visited much earlier. Bremen is really beautiful in the Old Town.

There had been opportunities before, but I never actually had been, apart from the Train Station and the Football Stadium.

The Part of Bremen I visited was full of beautiful Architecture. It was right at City Hall, and the Bremen Bürgerschaft, their local Landtag.

One of the most famous Tourist Attractions of Bremen is also located right there: The Statue of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten.

I had loved that Story as a Child, and I had anticipated some kind of magnificent Statue that was at least Life-Sized. A regular Donkey is a relatively tall Animal after all.

In a complete letdown, the Bremer Stadtmusikanten were more of a tiny figurine though. It was really small.

It was also very beautiful though, so that was still good.

Since there was also a Tramline running right between City Hall and the Bürgerschaft, and since the Light looked awesome there, I just had to get a Foto or two of that.

Trains really are a great Thong and I will probably use them when I return to Bremen, which I definitely will.

There are many more Blocks of School that I have to go through after all.

In the End, I had a great, albeit very short Time in Bremen.

I shall return soon.

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