By the Sea

Right now, I am at School. And School is all the Way in Norddeutschland, by the Zwischenahner Meer.

Yesterday, I actually visited that Place after School. I rarely ever go there, but it was a nice Day and the Weather had been great. It just had to happen.

I actually had a great short Time right there at the Lakeshore. The Area is beautiful, and I am definitely looking forward to spend some more Time there in the Summer.

The Zwischenahner Meer actually is not, like the Name would suggest, any kind of Ocean at all.

In Fact, it is pretty much a kinda large fresh Water Lake right here in Niedersachsen. There are actually quite a few of those here in Norddeutschland.

On the Zwischenahner Meer, there are actually Boats going around in Circles. But it is not their Season yet, and so those Boats are still docked somewhere.

They do look kinda cool and I am planning on taking one someday though.

I have always liked it to spend some Time by the Water, and yesterday obviously was no exception to that Rule.

Water never seizes to amaze me. It calms me down, but it also fires up my Creativity in some very good Ways.

Being by the Water does a lot of Things for me, but it never bores me!

In the End, I guess I am kinda glad that School brings me up here. It actually makes me see Things that I usually would have never seen.

Before School, I never even thought of visiting Bad Zwischenahn. I had heard of it, but I would have never visited.

Now, I actually kinda like it. Except for the Part of actually getting here. That is always a bit annoying.

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