Visiting Stuttgart

A few Weeks ago, I had visited Stuttgart for the first Time. Back then, it was very crowded and all I did was to take a Bus Tour around the City.

Last Week, I then decided to visit again. This Time around, I actually did a few Things though.

After getting to Stuttgart with my 9-€-Ticket, I first visited the local Markthalle to get some Food. That was nice.

On the Way there, I had actually gotten a little bit lost. Along the Way I did see some beautiful Things and also some very old Things.

Like a Statue of Wilhelm the first, who was the first Kaiser of Germany from 1871 to 1888.

I do not really like what that Statue stands for, but I do appreciate its historical significance.

It also looked kinda neat.

After leaving the Markthalle, I then walked all around Town, but since there was some kind of construction for some Event going on, I did not take many Fotos there.

I really did like the Combination of modern and classic Architecture though. It did look kinda nice.

Of Course, I also got to go by both Castles in Stuttgart. I definitely preferred the new Castle though.

It is also very old, but it is much newer than the old Castle.

Nowadays, some Ministries of the local Baden-Württemberg Government are located in that Castle.

Just before going back Home, I then visited two very interesting Exhibitions.

One was about German Architect Günter Behnisch, and the other one was about about Stuttgart 21, the new Train Station that might open somewhen around 2022.

In the End, it was a great Day.

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