A Day in Freiburg

Last Week, I did not only visit Stuttgart, I also decided to go to Freiburg to explore that Place as well.

Once again, I used my 9-€-Ticket to get there. You just can not beat that low low price. The Trains were kinda full once again though.

It also took me three hours to get there, but that is just the way it goes with those Regional Trains.

Since I never had been in Freiburg before, and since I also refused to look at my Map in the beginning, I headed into the completely wrong Direction at first.

Because of that, I did find Freiburgs City Hall though, and I really did like how that Building looked.

It was very modern, but there was also a lot of Wood. And quite a handful of vertical Solar Panels as well.

That Place looked amazing. It also was not the Old Town though, and I really wanted to see that Place.

And so, after jumping back into the Tram, I then finally did arrive just there. And it looked amazing.

That Place as so much Charm, with all those little Passages and even the little Gutters on the Sides of most Streets.

I walked around that Area for hours without ever getting bored by it.

There also were a lot of little Shops, and I obviously had to walk into one or two of those.

In the End, I had bought some foredty Lemonade and a new Swiss Army Knife. It was great.

Exploring Freiburg really has been a lot of fun last Week. Just one Day definitely was not enough to really get to know the City.

I will definitely have to return for a bit longer somewhen in the Future. I just do not know when I will have the Time for that.

Until then, I will continue to use my 9-€-Ticket until the End of Vacation.

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