My travel bucket list. 

I really love traveling and I’ve been able to visit several places and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting people in the last couple years. But my bucket list is far from done. Here it is:

  • Japans cherry blossom festival 
  • Carnival in Rio 
  • The mountains of New Zealand 
  • The national parks of Canada, especially Banff, Gros Morne, Gwaii Hanas and I’d also love to return to Algonquin Park. 
  • Hawaii
  • Thailands rain forests
  • Australia 
  • The rest of Canada road trip style 
  • California/ West Coast USA
  • East Coast USA
  • England/ Great Britain 
  • Much more of Sweden than I’ve been to
  • France (especially Normandy)
  • Ireland 
  • Iceland
  • Fiji (shark reserve)
  • The Great Wall (China)
  • Paris, France 
  • Nunavut Territory, Canada
  • Northern Norway
  • Svalbard
  • Scotlands North Cost 500
  • and I want to go canoeing from the Harz (where I live) to the North Sea. 
  • there’s much more to come 

This is not really about travelling, but:

  • get a scuba diving certificate 

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