Bring Batteries.

I really love Photography. I also love my Mirrorless Digital Camera. But there are two things that can totally ruin the Experience. Cards and Batteries. Today, I was out trying to take some Fotos for FoodTribe. I had everything with me. My Props, a few Lenses my Camera with a SD Card in it and… Continue reading Bring Batteries.

My usual Camera Settings.

Landscape Photography is awesome. I really love being out in Nature, Exploring around and taking beautiful Fotos at the same Time. But I am pretty sure that I do things quite differently from the ‘proper’ Landscape Photographers. For Starters, I rarely use Tripods, because I generally despise using Tripods. A beautiful Tree. I guess that… Continue reading My usual Camera Settings.

Does Resolution matter?

Most Cameras today have around 20-24 Megapixels. But the Trend seems to go up to and beyond the 40 Megapixel mark. But is that all really necessary? My Opinion might surprise you. As with all Things Photography related, there is no clear Answer to the Resolution Question. It off course all depends on what you… Continue reading Does Resolution matter?

A Landscape Photographers Honour Code.

I really love Landscape Photography. A beautiful Scenery really gets my creative Juices flowing. But there are a lot of things that I really find awful. Like People leaving their Trash everywhere or destroying Things just to get a nice Foto. A good Landscape Photographer should never do such things. But some do. Those are… Continue reading A Landscape Photographers Honour Code.


Usually, Landscape Photography is done with Wide Angle Lenses. And those can produce some beautiful Results. But sometimes, there can be to much beauty in one Frame. That is where Tele Lenses, like a 100-400mm Lens (about 60-250mm on APS-C) can help. Going long forces you to think about what is in Frame and what… Continue reading Tele-Landscapes.

I will always love Fog.

Today, the Weather was horrible. Or at least that is what I have been told. I really could not see much of it at work. But when my shift was over, it was actually not that bad. The only thing remaining from the earlier downpour was a heavy fog above the Harz that I spotted… Continue reading I will always love Fog.

Filters and I.

Photographers use Filters. And there are a whole lot of different ones. UV Filters, ND Filter and Pol Filters are just a few. And every single one has a different purpose. I barely ever used any Filters, except for my Variable ND Filter. And I pretty much only use that for Video. I do not… Continue reading Filters and I.

Still disliking Tripods.

I really love Landscape Photography. It is awesome to go out to Explore and get some beautiful Fotos of Nature. A lot of bonafide Landscape Photographers swear on using Tripods and several Filters. I do not do any of that. And while I own a Tripod, because I used to really dig Long Exposures, I… Continue reading Still disliking Tripods.

Cars & Landscapes.

I usually consider myself a Travel Photographer, mostly because I like a lot of Photography Styles and do not want to hang my self up on a specific field of Creativity. But lately, most of my Photography actually consists of Landscapes, magnificent Vistas, beautiful Forests and Paths through Nature are all awesome Subjects for me.… Continue reading Cars & Landscapes.

My first Lens.

At the very end of the year 2015, I got my first DSLR Camera. It came with a Kit Lens, but I really anted to have something better. Back then, YouTube had me believe that every Photographer should have a Nifty 50. And so I decided to get one. My choice fell between Canons 50mm… Continue reading My first Lens.