I love Poppies

Yesterday was a long Day. I got to go on a Trip to Northern Germany, and it was awesome and actually very much productive. Along the Way, I also visit the Countryside in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There, I saw something very awesome along the Way, and I just had to stop and take a few Fotos: Beautiful… Continue reading I love Poppies

A day of Classic Cars.

Classic Cars are beautiful. And today we had a Classic Car Convention here in Osterode. Up until today, I had totally forgotten that OTTO was in town again. Originally, I had planned to explore some place in the Harz, but that will have to wait until next weekend. Classic Cars in Osterode. Classic Cars are… Continue reading A day of Classic Cars.

I love Street Photography. Sometimes.

There is no better way to Capture day to day life than Street Photography. And while I do not usually pursue the craft, I do love it. Some people might think that Street Photography in Europe is pretty much Illegal thanks to new privacy laws like the EUGDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), but it… Continue reading I love Street Photography. Sometimes.

Hamburg: Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised earlier. Some random images:

OTTO 2016

Yesterday OTTO happened once again.  OTTO is an annual Oldtimer meeting in Osterode am Harz, Germany.  This year was the 16th edition. And cars aging 20 years or older were allowed to take part in the happening.  But before I wandered through lines of classic cars, I did my duty as a citizen and voted… Continue reading OTTO 2016

Went hiking yesterday. 

I decided that, since I had nothing better to do, that it could be fun to go for a little hike. I did 7.89 km (4.9 miles) in one and a half hours.  And it was amazing. Even though it was quite warm (there even was an official heat warning issued for my hometown), but… Continue reading Went hiking yesterday. 

More Amsterdam pictures. 

(Urban Campground) (Anne Frank House) (A Graacht) (Urban Campground) (Amsterdam by night) (New Years Eve in Amsterdam)

Hockenheim FSG: More pictures. 

(That's just me) (Hamburg celebrates the event even though their E-team got a DNF) (Some seats) (Love this car) (The winning DUT16 car from Delft) (The Swedish car that broke) (The broken Swedish car being pulled off the course) (The pit lane) (A part of the main circuit) (DTM Safety Car) (The Oxford Brookes car)… Continue reading Hockenheim FSG: More pictures.