I love new toys…

and I just got one delivered yesterday. I ordered it mostly because a broke my bendy pentapod thingy (that means it was a five-legged thing), but mostly because I broke my iPhone mount. And even more, because I got G.A.S.*.

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I love my new mobile lens. 

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to try out some clip on lenses for my phone. Those were very cheap, around 12€, but had two mayor drawbacks.
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I just got myself a 35mm SLR. 

I really just was bored as I looked up 35mm SLR cameras on EBay Kleinanzeigen (> Classifieds). 

I never thought I’d actually buy one. But I did. I bought my first ‘full frame’ SLR.
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Finally active on EyeEm. 

I had a profile on EyeEm since a while. 

I even had the app on my iPhone. And today I had 7 unread notifications on my photography related app folder. 
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I love my new backpack. 

A few months ago, I found myself wanting (and needing) a new backpack.

After some consideration, and some research, I chose Haglöfs Corker Large in Hurricane Blue, as it is made entirely from recycled materials, and it looks great.

> The backpack on haglofs.com

I found what seemed to be a great offer on a website that I’m not going to disclose, and ordered it off there. It was on October 8th, 2016.

I paid for it and got an email that shipping could take up to a week due to high demand. I wrote an email requesting a speedier processing of my order.

That was when my ordeal started.

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Got a new tripod. 

My new tripod arrived yesterday. 

And I have to say: I love it. 

It’s a Manfrotto Befree Aluminum in black and red. And it’s way sturdier then my previous cheepo tripod. That one broke two legs two weeks after purchase, and it was quite wobbly since day one. 

Now I finally have the ability of some long exposure landscape/ portrait photography. And I love long exposures. 

Pictures coming up soon. 

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It’s finally there. Real RAW shooting on iPhones. 

I waited for this since WWDC last June:

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