Weird Vintage Lenses.

Over the years, I came to own several Vintage Lenses. Most of them came with Vintage Cameras I bought at flea markets, got gifted or, in one case, inherited. Some of those lenses are really quite weird. For example the Canon 35-70mm 3.5-4.5A I got with my Canon 1000N. It's not the oldest lens that… Continue reading Weird Vintage Lenses.

HDR Photography.

Modern Cameras usually have quite good Dynamic Range. That means that they retain quite a bit of detail in the Shadows and Highlights before clipping. But sometimes that Dynamic Range is not enough. That's when HDR Photography comes into play. That stands for High Dynamic Range. Let's assume that a Camera has 10 Stops of… Continue reading HDR Photography.

Getting the Shot.

A lot of us are great when it comes to babying their Cameras. Some of those people are also good at getting the shot. I'm not one of those people. For me, my Camera is just a tool to get the Shot. That doesn't mean I don't take care of it. I usually carry it… Continue reading Getting the Shot.

Black & White Photography

Colourful Photos are awesome. But sometimes, it has to be a good old Black & White Image to set the mood straight. For me, Black & White, or Monochrome Photography is extremely beautiful. But that is only the case if it's done right. I see more than enough B&W Pictures on the internet that should… Continue reading Black & White Photography

Night Photography in the Rain.

I absolutely love Night Photography, especially Long Exposures. But doing so in the rain has, up until now, been pretty much impossible for me. I would have always needed a roof or a ledge to stand under and protect my Camera from the weather. That has changed a few days ago, when my plastic Rain… Continue reading Night Photography in the Rain.

Your Camera doesn’t matter.

A lot of people are very good at shredding apart Camera Brands online just based on specs. But do those even matter? Nowadays, whenever a new Camera gets released, the online Trolls start coming out of their caves ad start complaining that X doesn't do Y or that Y is better than Z. In real… Continue reading Your Camera doesn’t matter.

The Exposure Triangle.

It is important that you expose your images as good as possible to achieve the best results. Even if you follow the 3 C's of photography, those being Contrast, Content and Composition, a wrongly exposed picture wont look good. If you overexpose, you loose your highlights. If you underexpose you loos your shadows. To alter… Continue reading The Exposure Triangle.

Composition is key.

Contrast and Content are two of the most fundamental aspects of Landscape photography, but Composition is key. Without the proper composition, pictures just wont look good, so there are some rules to this. Just remember: rules are meant to be broken. At least in photography. Composition is what turns a snapshot into a photograph. But… Continue reading Composition is key.

Content in Landscapes.

For me, there are three fundamental aspects to Landscape Photography outside the Exposure Triangle. One of them is Contrast, and the other two are Content and Composition. In other words, the three big C. This post is about Content. Content is paramount. Without content, Contrast and Composition are worthless. Content is what interests the viewer… Continue reading Content in Landscapes.

Contrast through colour.

As a landscape photographer, I always struggle with the fact that my surroundings here in the Harz are mostly green. So I usually look for something to contrast that green. Lakes, cars, houses and flowers are very good at giving me that contrast. Off course a good landscape shot doesn't need much more than itself,… Continue reading Contrast through colour.