How to make your own LR presets.

A lot of people nowadays sell presets for Lightroom, but you might be wondering: Why presets, and how can I create myself?

Presets are predefined edits in Lightroom, I’ll write LR from now on, that you can apply to your images to save a lot of time editing those RAW files you shot. Of course, there’ll still be some manual tweaking involved, but presets can save so much time.

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Playing with glowsticks.

Last Friday I got a used printer from my uncle to use for university. While I went to the local electronics dealer to get some paper for it to print on, I came across some 1€  glowsticks at the cash register.

So I went ahead and bought a green one.

My plan was it, to go out to the field Saturday night after work. But as usual, it didn’t go as planned. It just wasn’t done outdoors that night. Water and wind just aren’t my cameras best friends. Continue reading

About spare batteries.

Batteries are probably the second most important thing after memory cards. You can have your camera ready, or you’ve been shooting for a while, and suddenly the viewfinder information panel, or the EVF when you’re on mirrorless, goes blank.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who ever ran into this problem: An empty battery.

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Why you should always take spare memory cards with you.

Nowadays, there’s probably nothing more important to digital photography than those little plastic things called memory cards. Except for maybe the camera itself. It doesn’t really matter what kind of card you use. Without one, your camera and your fully charged battery don’t matter. You just won’t take any shots.

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Don’t cheap out on tripods.

We all know those three legged things called tripods. They come in different sizes, colours, weights, material and so on. Some come with, and some come without a head. You can can tripods for around 20€, and there’s no real end to prices.

Where colours and height are more personal preferences, I would never again buy a 20€ tripod. I had one, so I know what I’m talking about.

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How to clean your camera.

If you’re like me, taking your camera with you anywhere you go, it’s bound to get dirty from time to time. And of course, you want a clean camera, or at least a clean lens and sensor, so that the dirt doesn’t get in the way of the picture.

So here’s how I do it:

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Why I have two tripods. 

From time to time one needs a tripod. A sturdy one.

I have two. Both made by Manfrotto, but that’s not important. They’re both sturdy and pack neatly.
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