While in Hamburg, I decided to shoot some good old old-fashioned film. The first roll of 24 went smoothly. But that’s when I screwed up big time.

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I got a second analog camera.

I got a new old camera from my father. A Canon 1000N with a vintage AF only 35-70mm lens. The fact that the lens is, or at least appears to be, AF only is actually quite odd. I also got also a bunch of 35mm film.

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Burning through film & the adapter.

Yesterday was a vintage car fair in my hometown. It’s an annual thing. There are loads of cool cars. I love it.

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A day of analog vibes.

Yesterday, I visited a local flea market with the hope of finding myself an addition to my analog collection. There were plenty of cameras available, but I was out of luck, most of them weren’t in working order. And I have no idea how to fix a camera. So I left the flea market to finish the roll of Kodacolor 200 I had in my Pentax ME.

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New post on 500px: Colour film.

Find my Analog Instagram.

Since my main Instagram page is a child of the digital realm, I decided to do a seconday page called RHF Analogica. Find it here or in the menu under Instagram.

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Why I love analog photography.

Once upon a time, there where plenty of cameras without any imaging sensors, and it was good. Back then, film was the way to go. There where many formats, from huge to small. The 35 mm format is today known as full frame, even though it was not the biggest format at the time.

Coming from the digital age, some might wonder why I shoot analog. Some don’t even know what analog is because they never came in touch with it.

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