Into darkness.

Lately, I always stay at university into the late PMs/ early AMs, I just have so much to do. Because of that, I came to realize how much I enjoy wandering around at night when it’s already pitch black outside. I also started a night photography/ videography project.

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Time-lapsing in the Harz. 

Yesterday I’ve been near Romkerhalle (near Goslar, in Harz) with some friends. We wanted to take some photos, and I wanted to do a timelapse. 
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Why I love photography. 

After traveling, photography is my favourite thing to do with my free time. I get to do it way more than the first one, though.
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Why is there so much spam on Instagram?

Lately, whenever I share something on Instagram, before anything else, I get two comments on my post. 

One asking me if I want more followers or likes, the other one asking to visit the commentators profile. 
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It’s finally there. Real RAW shooting on iPhones. 

I waited for this since WWDC last June:

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What camera I use.

What what do I use, you may ask, and why?
My camera started malfunctioning after I dropped it in a lake in 2014. (It was a Sony DSC-HX20v)

Even though it still worked (in fact it still does), I wanted to have something new, something better.

But obviously, there are several models and manufacturers to choose from.

My final choosing though was between two Canon DSLRs, a Sony DSLM and a Sony Compact.

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