I got a cheap steadycam. + Updates

While I was browsing eBay for something entirely different, a Canon AE1, I stumbled upon a 20 Euro steadycam. And since I had a 10 Euro Coupon, I decided to give it a try. It actually arrived two weeks ago, but I’ve had exams or go to work. And when I don’t had to do those things, I was lazy or more into photography.

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I’m going to go to Berlin. 

I’ve been to Berlin for the Formula E ePrix last May. I’m going to go for this years dual ePrix with some friends. 
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Maybe going to Hamburg soon. 

I really love Hamburg, and I’m probably going there within the next two weeks. At least for one or two days. 


(Click for Hamburgs official tourism website in English.)

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New travel series. 

‘Every Journey begins with a small step.’

From now on I’ll share my personal travel tips and experiences in a series I call ‘Tips on traveling’. 

Posts in the Series so far:

  1. Canada (2 Parts)
  2. The Netherlands 


  1. Sweden 
  2. Croatia 
  3. Germany (Hamburg & Berlin)
  4. German North Sea