Fotos with ‘F’.

Lately, I have started to write the word Foto with an ‘F’ in the beginning. Most English Speakers know that you usually write the word beginning with ‘Ph’, as in Photos. But I am from Germany. And in the German Language, we write Photos with an F. Osterodes Tourist Information. Regular Readers of this Blog… Continue reading Fotos with ‘F’.

My favourite season of the year. 

Autumn really is my favourite season of the year. Just followed by spring time.  But this one's about autumn.  I really love the colours of this season, and I like the cosines of a nice sweater by the fireplace enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.  Sure, the weather isn't as nice as in all the… Continue reading My favourite season of the year. 

My last week of being 21…

This week is going to be my last week of being 21. When I was younger I would be excited about my upcoming birthday by now. But that all changed after I got 19. The excitement was gone. I then spent my 20th birthday first in an Ontario Northlander going from Huntsville to Toronto. All… Continue reading My last week of being 21…

Why I chose to travel…

When I finished high school back in 2013 I was just over 18 years old, going to 19.  I did not know what to do with my life.  I did not know what I wanted to do.  I had no real purpose in life.  All I knew was that I had to find my self.… Continue reading Why I chose to travel…

I struggled with blogging. 

When I went to Canada for my working holiday experience, I had plans to blog about my travels and experiences. (More on that later.) That never really happened, and very few posts came to life on my blogger (link).  That didn't happen because nothing of interest happened. That certainly wasn't the case.  I just didn't… Continue reading I struggled with blogging. 

Building race cars as a hobby (Formula SAE). 

Ever since I saw that mean green racing machine at my university's (Clausthal University of Technology) freshman welcome fair, I wanted to join in. I wanted to join my university's formula student/ FSAE team.  And just a few weeks later, I dropped by the workshop for my first team meeting.  I finally was an official… Continue reading Building race cars as a hobby (Formula SAE). 

Why I do photography.

And also why I write photos with an 'F'. Since I was quite young, I really enjoyed photography. When I got my first digital camera, I totally went nuts with it, snapping multiple shots of just about anything. That camera broke. So I needed a new one. That was when I got my first SONY… Continue reading Why I do photography.